Volunteers are essential to keep the walkers motivated, hydrated and fed. As a volunteer, you’re giving up a few hours of your day to help fight the cancers robbing us of our loved ones.

You cannot begin to understand the power of a friendly face cheering on the walkers as they pound the footpaths to fight cancer.

So if you love to shake a pom pom, high five a passerby or simply want to show you care, please considering volunteering for this event.

As part of volunteering, all volunteers will receive a t-shirt and will be provided with food and drink during your shift. As well as huge smiles, high fives and thank you from all the participants you are supporting along the way.

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Very early morning
Lunch time to afternoon
Any time
Corner Directional Marshal: out on course cheering on the walkers and making sure they go the correct way (18+ unless volunteering with an adult)
Bike Marshals: riding up and down the course, checking on walkers and reporting back to event staff (18+ and must have own bike and equipment)